June 11, 2018

LORAWAN Antenna SWR measurement (DIY)

Antenna Measurement The antennaeĀ available for LoRaWAN are typically ruby ducky/whip, ground plane, and fiberglass antenna. We decided to measure the SWRs using low-cost network analyzer with NWT4000-1 and then using low-cost RTL SDR from RTL-SDR.COM. NWT4000-1 Network analyzer (you could find the instrument in aliexpress.com/ebay.com/taobao.com) is a good choice for a hobbyist with a tight […]

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June 6, 2018 C:\Users\LDRA_Fish9\Downloads\IMG_20170723_200741.jpg

Walkie Talkie Module/Shield(Planning)

VHF Walkie Shield/Board This project would be self contained walkie module with touch screen with provision for external power supply.The board will be based on Dorji VHF module (Reference: 1) and will be based on Atmel Uno based architecture. TRRS 3.5 MM Design Goal: The VHF module(DRA818V) will need external audio amplifier(LM series audio amplifier […]

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