September 27, 2018

ADS-B Setup using RTL SDR

ADS-B Experimentation Date: 10th March 2013 Place: Bangalore, India Receiver: RTL SDR 2832 U+820 T USB DONGLE Software: ADSB#, adsbScope, Virtual Radar Data Format: Beast-AVR raw The visualization software would provide aircraft position on the map. The compatible software are adsbSCOPE, Virtual Radar and Planeplotter. Virtual Radar and PlanePlotter […]

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September 17, 2018

Real-Time Decoding of VOR using RTL-SDR

Real-Time Decoding of VOR using RTL-SDR Introduction VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) is a subset of Aircraft Navigation technique falling under point source navigation, which also includes Direction Finders, DME, and Tacan. These technologies predate 1996 and many of the civilian and military aircraft are equipped with these systems, which makes them popular even in the modern era. The adoption […]

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May 20, 2018

Setting Up RADARBOX24 ADS-B Receiver

A few months ago, I have applied for the RADARBOX24  receiver and received the receiver with accessories from 3 weeks of my application.The The content of the box was RadarBox ADS-B Receiver External Fiber Glass Antenna with attached Co-axial Cable(with matching screw and bolts) Power adaptor with Cable RJ-45 Ethernet Cable Courtesy: Radarbox24 Mounting My apartment is […]

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