May 20, 2018

Experimenting with J Pole Antenna

J-POLE Antenna

This antenna is fromĀ  Ganiasar Wireless. The details could be found atĀ


145-154 Mhz–VH1

155-164 Mhz–VH2

165-174 Mhz–VH3

  1. Gain: 2dB
  2. Input Impedance: 50 ohm
  3. VSWR<1.5
  4. Bandwidth 6 Mhz
  5. Radiation: Omni
  6. Maximum Input Power: 100 Watts
  7. Input Termination: SO-239

Mechanical Characteristics

Connector PL-259 only (No adaptor provided)

Mounting Clamps

Assembly Procedure:

The antenna is factory tuned and further tuning is not required/not possible.



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